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  • Paul Sanderson (Director)

    Paul has been working with computers and full time in a Computer Forensics/Data Recovery capacity since early 1993. The first six years were with Vogon International (formerly AuthenTec/Dr. Solomons) a large multinational Forensic Computing and Data Recovery company where he was responsible for the development of the Computer Forensic software suite, this was used by the majority of the UK police forces and investigating authorities. His time there culminated as the General Manager of Vogons Munich office where he was responsible for developing both the Computer Forensic and Data Recovery business in Western Europe. On leaving he worked for a year with Network Forensics, part of Network International/Control Risks, a major corporate investigations company based in London.

    Paul set up Sanderson Forensics in April 2000 to provide Computer Forensic consulting services to the prosecution and defence in both criminal and civil cases. He has advised, amongst others, a number of UK and Northern Ireland Police Forces, HM Revenue and Customs, the Serious Fraud Office and a number of large UK commercial organisations. He writes his own Computer Forensic software and sells to a number of organisations including the Serious Fraud Office, various UK police forces, the FBI and the IRS.

    During his forensic computing career he has worked on many different case types including Fraud, Murder, Arson, Terrorism, IP Theft and Child Pornography. Due to his data recovery background he is particularly interested in cases where the evidence is complex and hidden deep within undocumented system structures, often writing bespoke software in order to recover and present his evidence.

    Paul has an MSc in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigations from Dublin University and a degree from the Open University majoring in computer science.