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  • Re-license software UK

    Thank You for choosing to re-licence your software from Sanderson Forensics. In order to make the relicensing process as easy as possible we have partnered with PayPal one of the most respected internet payment sites. Payments facilitated via Paypal can be made via a number methods including most credit and debit cards.

    Choose the software you would like to relicense by selecting the appropriate payment button alongside the licence type you require. You should select the same licence type as you originally purchased, i.e. if you purchased a 5 user commercial licence for RevEnge then this is what you must re-licence.

    Please ensure that you select the correct licence type for your intended use.

    On receipt of your order and cleared funds from PayPal a new licence will be sent via email. This will typically be within a few hours during the UK working week, but may on occasion take longer.

    The licence file must be copied into the same folder as the appropriate executable file in order for your software to become fully functional.

    UK organisations only can order via a purchase order and will be invoiced appropriately.

    Law enforcement licences You should ONLY choose an LE licence if you work for a law enforcement agency and do not charge for any work that you take on. i.e. if you work for a commercial entity or a law enforcement agency that takes in work from other agencies and accepts payment for this work then you must choose a commercial licence.

    Law Enforcement licences will only be sent to a valid LE email address.

    Updates and support Re-licensing our software entitles you to a further 1 year of updates and support from the date of expiry of your previous licence, at the end of this period your software will remain fully functional, however new versions of our software will not work with your licence file/dongle once your support period has ended. This option is only available if your licence has just expired or is about to expire.

    You should ONLY use this page if you are re-licensing a product previously purchased from Sanderson Forensics AND the licence is about to expire or has just expired.

    If your licence expired more than three months ago then you must purchase a new full one.

    For prices in USD or Euros click on the appropriate flag above.

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