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    Thank You for choosing software from Sanderson Forensics. In order to make the purchase process as easy as possible we have partnered with PayPal one of the most respected internet payment sites. Payments facilitated via PayPal can be made via a number methods including most credit and debit cards.

    Choose the software you would like to purchase by selecting the appropriate payment button alongside the licence type you require. You can select multiple licences at the next step if required. Please ensure that you select the correct licence type for your intended use.

    On receipt of your order and cleared funds from PayPal download instructions for the software will be sent via email along with a licence file (if applicable). This will typically be within a few hours during the UK working week, but may on occasion take longer.

    if your software requires a licence file it must be copied into the same folder as the appropriate executable file in order for your software to become fully functional.

    If your software is licensed by means of a dongle then this will be shipped to you via an appropriate carrier and should typically be with you within three working days (approximately five days for international shipping).

    If you do not wish to pay by credit card then a bank transfer or a cheque will be acceptable, in this case your licence/dongle would be sent on receipt of cleared funds. Please Contact Sales with your requirements.

    UK organisations only can order via a purchase order and will be invoiced appropriately. For larger orders please Contact Sales with your requirements.

    Single user software licences are made out to a named investigator and only that named individual may use the software. You must provide your user name when ordering the software. Licences may be reassigned once during the support period at no cost by contacting Sanderson Forensics and requesting the same.

    Multi user licences operate on a trust basis in that we rely on the organisation to ensure that the software is issued only to the appropriate number of persons. These licences should be assigned to investigators on a semi-permanent basis and should only be reassigned if the investigator leaves to department or stops undertaking the appropropriate work. These are not concurrent licences in that you CAN NOT have 12 users operating a 10 user licence. We trust you to ensure that only the appropriate number of users utilise the software in any period - if a user leaves your unit/company then, for a multi user, licence we leave it to you to reassign the licence.

    The Forensic Toolkit for SQLite can be licenced to a company/organisation by means of a USB dongle and we will need both a shipping address and your organisation/company and department name so that we can program the dongle prior to shipping. In this instance anyone within the department with physical access to the USB dongle (i.e. with the dongle installed in their computer) may use the software.

    Law enforcement licences You should ONLY choose an LE licence if you work for a law enforcement agency and do not charge for any work that you take on. i.e. if you work for a commercial entity or a law enforcement agency that takes in work from other agencies and accepts payment for this work then you must choose a commercial licence. Law Enforcement licences will only be sent to a valid LE email address.

    Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) Purchasing our software entitles you to 12 months of free updates and support, at the end of this period your software will remain fully functional, however new versions of our software will not work with your licence files once your support period has ended. An additional 12 months support can be purchased at approximately 33% of the current full software cost by contacting Sanderson Forensics when your existing support licence expires.

    For prices in USD or Euros click on the appropriate flag above.

    If you do not provide the investigators name and organisation (see above) if required then this will delay your order.

    If you are ordering one or more USB dongles then please ensure that you provide your shipping address AND a contact name (if this is the same as your card address and card holder name then please confirm this in the notes section) this will avoid any delays in your order being shipped.

    Please be aware that you do not require a PayPal account to pay via PayPal when using a credit card. PayPal simply acts as the merchant bank for the payment.

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    Forensic Toolkit for SQLite
    With USB dongle

    Organisation name
    Forensic Toolkit for SQLite
    With software dongle

    Investigator* AND Organisation name

    *Investigators name MUST be supplied
    ESE Extension for
    the Forensic Toolkit for SQLite

    Perpetual licence, MUST be used with a valid Forensic Toolkit for SQLite licence
    Investigator & Organisation name or dongle ID