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  • Reporting bugs

    Sanderson Forensics are committed to providing first class support but in order for us to best help you we need to ask you to help us.

    The most difficult bug to fix is one that we cannot reproduce in order for us to quickly track down a bug and fix it we need the following information from you for each bug submitted.

    The version of the software

    The latest version is always available from the support forum and is pinned to the top of the relevant sub-forum, before submitting a bug you must download the latest version and verify that the bug exists in this version.

    Please provide the software name and version number - usually displayed in the title bar and in "help|about". This will enable us to determine whether you are using the latest version of the software.

    The operating system and file system/file format

    Some bugs may be operating system or filesystem dependant so please provide at a minimum the operating system e.g. XP 32 bit service pack 3. If the application interfaces directly with a file system then let us know if it is specific to one in particular, e.g. NTFS.

    Any other factors that you deem might be relevant, i.e. If you are working on a e01 file created with software other than encase then this might be relevant and this information should be provided.

    If the issue is related to a particular target file then please try and send this file with your bug report, if the file is too big then please contact us and we will arrange FTP access.

    Provide a full description of the problem

    Please provide a description of what you are trying to achieve, what you expected to see and how you think the software is failing, simply stating that the software "crashes" is not enough and will not allow us to verify the problem exists and will not provide enough information to reproduce and fix the issue.

    Steps to reproduce

    A step by step sequence of the events required to reproduce a problem is the single most useful item you can provide to help us to help you.

    Please document exactly what you need to do to reproduce the problem including menu selections, any options selected, if appropriate any specific files opened etc. If the problem can be identified with a third party software such a hex editor, e.g. "tool x can not find string y which can be seen using software z" then this is very useful to allow us to identify and fix any problem.