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    We all enjoy the many benefits of digital technology but increased accessibility and convenience have inevitably lead to misuse. At Sanderson Forensics we offer software that gives you the expertise to uncover and analyse computer evidence buried deep within electronic data.


    Forensic Toolkit for SQLite

    • Need to recover deleted sqlite database(s) from an image of a hard disk or mobile phone
    • Want to understand how SQLite stores data & find deleted data in unused space in DBs or journals
    • Want to create complex SQL queries easily just using the mouse, display formatted time stamps, or blobs as images and output to a PDF report.

    We have a new toolkit Forensic Toolkit for SQLite designed specifically for this
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    We don’t just use standard ‘off the shelf’ computer forensics packages, we also write our own bespoke computer forensics investigation software. Time and again during computer forensic and mobile forensic investigations we have been faced with data from a software package for which there have been no “off the shelf” forensic tools to help us investigate. In these circumstances we have been able to write our own software to decode proprietary data structures and present the recovered data in a form that is meaningful and helpful to a case. Some of this software has been further enhanced and released as commercial forensic software with thousands of licences sold worldwide - in use with agencies such as the Serious Fraud Office, HMR&C, all UK police forces, NSA, NASA & the FBI (and some of which is used by our competitors).