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  1. KaZAlyzer

    Quote Originally Posted by sandy771 View Post
    I have decided to release my old program KaZAlyser as unsupported software as I still get the very occasional request for it.

    you can download the software from here

    the password for which is power attitude trim

    When prompted you will need to enter the following information to fully enable KaAzlyser

    In the top box enter the following single line

    Free software - no
  2. MFTView

    A little application I knocked up a while ago to look at the additional dates recorded in an MFT entry.

    You need to extract the MFT from an image and then point MFTView at it - it then loads the complete MFT into a database (this can take a few minutes) and allows you to navigate it as you would any file system.

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