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  • SkypeAlyzer

    Analyse Skype chat logs, contact lists, SMS messages with SkypeAlyzer a forensic tool designed to work with both the old Skype database files found in a series of .dbb files and the newer Skype database files (main.db).

    Use SkypeAlyzer to:

    • Open and view the contacts from a Skype database
    • View the assigned image for any profile that possesses one
    • See what chat messages have been sent and received
    • See what SMS messages have been sent
    • See dates, times, numbers and durations of Skype telephone calls
    • See a timeline of merged events (SMS, telephone calls, file transfers, chats etc.)
    • See what files have been downloaded (or part downloaded) and where saved
    • See unicode encoded text
    • See who left a voicemail and for how long
    • Group messages by chat participants and view in a colour coded display
    • See when a profile was last updated
    • See when a contact was last online
    • Create colour coded HTML reports of all or some of the above

    UPDATE - SkypeAlyzer can now recover deleted Skype records in the newer sqlite format direct from an image file, physical or logical disk

    SkypeAlyzer can be purchased by selecting the Purchase Software link from the site menu.

    For corporate or law enforcement investigators a fully functional demo licence for SkypeAlyzer can be obtained by clicking here and providing your official email address, full name and position within your organisation